5 Top Tips for creating your Estate Agents flyers

2nd September 2016 - Sales Leaflets

When it comes to designing, creating and distributing flyers for your estate agency, you want them to be as effective as possible in order to maximise your investment. Here are our top five tips for creating effective estate agents flyers.

Make it Pop Visually
When your client looks at your flyer, their eyes are immediately drawn to the images before the read the text. When you are thinking of your ideal flyer, keep this fact in mind. The skilled team at Prestige Print can come up with eye-catching visuals that are sure to attract your target audience.

Estate agent leaflet that stands out, has a clear simple message and call to action

Estate agent leaflet that stands out, has a clear simple message and call to action

Mention the benefits of your estate agency

You are wise to stay away from rattling off a long list of your estate agency’s features on your flyer, as your client will have heard this before from others. Instead, stay focused on the ‘what’s in it for me’ question that they are sure to be wondering.

Keep things brief and simple

Your audience is unlikely to want to read through heaps of text or peruse many photos – we can help you answer all of the most important questions right in a short and sweet way.

Be professional, yet personal
While you always want to make sure your message is communicated in a professional way, a personal and conversational tone can help engage your audience.

Include a call to action
Perhaps the most important feature your estate agency flyer must include is a bold, strong call to action. Ask them to call you, offer a special deal or entice them to reach out in a unique way. Unsure of what to include? Prestige print can help you to write the text.

Leaflet distribution is something you should be planning before you start the process of putting your leaflet design together as this is likely to effect the content. Is it for mass distribution to thousand of households? Will it be more targeted and have the leaflet distribution on a more focused area? How will it be distributed ? Will you be using a large organisation like Royal Mail Door to Door,  a good sized regional company, or a small local distributor? They all have their Pros and Cons,  see one of our previous blogs about estate agents leaflet distribution

Another thing to think about is a follow-up campaign. In our experience there is a lot more benefit from a follow-up campaign, this is because you remind the home owners of you more often. If they put the original flyer to one side then the second or even third leaflet will remind them of you! When it come to estate agents leaflet marketing it is all about building name recognition which means leafleting the same homes on a regular basis.

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