Are calendar leaflets the perfect estate agents leaflet?

29th November 2016 - Leaflet Distribution, Sales Leaflets

Standard A5 Estate agents 2017 calendar

Calendar leaflets are a very seasonal  order for estate agency marketing. They are popular with estate agents because they have the perception of being useful as a handy reminder throughout the year so have a greater chance of being retailed.  Perhaps they find a home on the pin board in the kitchen or attached to the fridge with a magnet to become useful reference throughout the year. They have the potential of being the perfect estate agents leaflet,  retained and kept on display for a full year in a prominent place, what more could you ask for from a leaflet!

Now is the time of year that our estate agents calendar leaflets become popular orders. They start being ordered from early November all the way through into January. There are different ideas and plans as to what is the best time to order and distribute your calendar leaflets

Timing your calendar leaflet distribution

The early birds get their leaflet orders in by the end of October for distribution in early November. It does seem a little early to start the leaflet distribution but the marketing plan is that if you are first to deliver a calendar,  yours will the one that makes the pin board or fridge for the year ahead,  the others that follow go to the bin. This plan has its merits but you can be too early with your leaflet distribution and risk losing it into the recycling.

Mid November is when the leaflet orders pick up, the majority getting ready for a distribution in early to mid December which does seam a


Popular leaflet back design on a calendar leaflet showing a selection of properties sold in the year

more appropriate time to distribute the leaflets to spark the interest for retention

The December orders are usually from those estate agents that are planning to use the Calendars to hit the decks running with their marketing at the start of the new year. We, like most business will close over the Christmas period, so it is worth bearing in mind that any leaflet marketing you want to get underway first thing in the New Year needs to be ordered and delivered into you distributor before the Christmas shut down.

We do have a customer that like his calendar leaflets to go out on Christmas Eve,  I asked why one year and there view was that nothing happens on Christmas Eve.   We are all at a bit of a loss as to what to do and would be a good time to receive a calendar. My wife on the other hand would strongly disagree,  as I think would most,  for many this is when the pressure that comes with Christmas is really ramping up as in laws and guests arrive,  a leaflet calendar dropping through the letterbox my not be so gratefully received!

Different leaflet calendar designs

12 Months to view is the most popular format,  either our standard custom size of 177mm x 150mm or regular A5,  we can clearly display the 12 months on one side of the leaflet with your date agency branding and contact details. Have what you like on the back,  a simple invitation for a valuation or perhaps a selection of properties sold during the year. We can take this basic calendar design and incorporate public holidays.


House shaped leaflet with 12 months calendar to view

There is the option to include other notable dates on the calendar,  or even make it a sporting calendar that highlights major sporting events during the year. With there extra content it can be hard to fit all this on one side and make legible so normally in these circumstances we make it 6 months to view,  ie 6 months on either side of the leaflet.


12 month to view calendar on the back of a standard size business card

The house shape leaflet is a popular format and we can make it into a 12 month to view calendar but the shape is more restrictive than an A5 so the the calendar is smaller and more condensed

A new addition to our calendar range this year is putting a full 12 month to view on the back of a 450gsm business card. Just 55mm x 85mm it does seem impossibly small,  crashing the size of the font down to 4 point,  but with the careful selection of font,  in this case Avenger Light,  it is still very readable. Finished with a gloss laminate for added protection and longevity it fits in a purse or wallet for handy reference year round.

Could calendar leaflets in their various formats be the perfect estate agents leaflet? They encourage retention,  can be displayed year round as handy reference and in the format of a business cards be constant companion in a purse of wallet, make your choice and order your today!

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