Estate agents Christmas flyers

28th November 2016 - Uncategorised

estate-agents-christmas-flyer-designNo matter what time of year it is there is always an opportunity to use if for some topical marketing and Christmas is no exception. We have a range of christmas flyers, designs from the inevitable Santa sporting an estate agents board,  which could be yours, to ones with more a family orientation to them. All these flyer design ideas we can adapt and personalise with your estate agency branding.

Christmas is a time for giving, and we can work with this with using various promotional offers,  ie you the estate agent is giving something back to vendors in terms of some discounted fees if they instruct you to sell their house before Christmas. The run up to Christmas is not always the easiest time off the year to secure a house sale but its is a good time to prepare for marketing your estate agency in the new year which could be emphasised in the message on the flyer.

Some estate agents my sit back and in their mind start to write the run up to Christmas off as a bad time for selling property but the more progressive agent we seise the opportunity to make preparations for the new year which should include some marketing flyers.

Christmas flyers are time sensitive!

Be careful and don’t over order on the christmas flyers as they are very time sensitive,  it wont look to good distributing these after Christmas,  you need to get them all before otherwise pack any over up to use next year.

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