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Marketing an estate agency involves being prepared to use a range of different marketing methods. These methods can be online or offline, and all help to advertise your business in a variety of ways. Estate agencies often face a lot of competition, whether they are a local business or a national company with properties all over the country. They also need to reach several different types of client’s at the same time. They need to attract people who are selling and buying property, as well as landlords and tenants.

Fortunately, any estate agency can find the best advertising methods that work for them. There are many to choose from at different price points that will help you reach your audience. Take a look at these top methods and tactics to get started.

Offline Estate Agent Advertising

There are two main categories of advertising in any field, including property. You can choose to advertise your agency either online or offline. Of course, most businesses choose to do a bit of both. Offline methods are seen as more traditional ways to advertise a business, and some might see them as less cost-effective. However, they can still be extremely useful, especially in the world of real estate. Offline methods can include anything from print materials to radio advertising. One of the excellent thing about advertising offline is that you can reach potential clients directly. You can put a leaflet straight through their door.

Offline Estate Agent Advertising Examples

Advertising offline can include a range of different media and methods. Some of the most popular choices include:

●     Print material such as leaflets, brochures, and flyers

●     Advertising in newspapers and magazines

●     Radio advertising

●     Television advertising

●     Billboards

Let’s take a look at these advertising methods and how you can use them best to market your estate agency. Some tactics will be more suitable for your business, depending on its size and your brand.

Leaflets, Brochures, Letters and Flyers

Some people were unsure if print advertising would survive once the online world began to grow. Although much advertising is now online, offline methods can be just as useful. Estate Agency leafletsPrint materials give you a way to market to customers that is longer-lasting and more direct than many online methods. An online advert might only be seen for a split second, whereas a flyer could get someone to pay attention for longer. Someone might even read a brochure for a few minutes, which is very valuable in advertising. Printed materials can come in a variety of forms, which can be distributed using a number of methods.

Printed marketing materials can include:

●     Flyers

●     Brochures

●     Leaflets

●     Letters

●     Business cards

●     Posters

If you choose to use print materials, you can include different types of information, depending on the size of the material and who it is intended for. A flyer will have less information than a brochure and might be used for more targeted marketing. For example, many estate agencies will use them to let homeowners know that they are looking for property in their area. A brochure can allow for more information and images so you might use it to list current properties or perhaps show examples of sold properties.

Direct marketing methods can including posting leaflets, flyers, and letters through people’s doors. However, print materials could also be put on display for people to take voluntarily. You could have them in your office or work with other businesses to display them on their premises too. Print materials can include posters too, which you might include in window displays. Still window displays can show people walking past the properties you currently have for sale or rent. If you want to create some print materials, you can select from templates and add your own slogans to make things simpler.

Newspaper Advertising

Another method of offline advertising involving print materials is printing adverts in newspapers and magazines. Although their readerships have declined, many people still regularly read a newspaper or magazine. In particular, a lot of people read free newspapers, such as the Metro, during their daily commute. Much of these publications are dedicated to advertising in various ways. Sometimes they are clear-cut adverts, while on other occasions they might be “advertorials” – articles written with the intention of advertising a product or service. Someone may look at a newspaper advert for much longer than an online one. In addition, many people could see the same advert. Some newspapers get passed from person to person on trains or other public transport.

Radio Advertising

Not all offline methods involve print materials. Another possible choice for marketing your estate agency is the radio. You could consider national radio stations or local stations, which will help you target the local population. Radio advertising might be a choice to consider if you’re trying to connect more with the community. However, it can be an expensive way to advertise. You need to write a script for an advert and get it recorded, plus pay for the broadcasting time. The costs could be high, so it’s not a tactic that every estate agency would want to use. There’s also the option of a television advert, you will usually only see large property websites using these.

Participating in Events

When you consider offline advertising, you can also think about how you can use local events to your advantage. One of the things you might consider is sponsoring an event. If you do this, you could have your logo or an advert printed on any materials the event might use. If they have any banners or perhaps print a programme for the event, you could feature on it. Another thing you can do is have boards for school fetes and similar events. Your estate agent boards advertise both you and the school or event. This is an excellent way to connect to the local community while advertising your brand at the same time.

Boards and Billboards

Of course, events aren’t the only reason you might have boards. Most estate agencies will use boards to advertise, both on properties on their books and elsewhere. Many agencies find that they are essential for attracting business. If you’re thinking about advertising ideas, it may have been one of the first that came to mind. They can be planted in people’s lawns or attached to the front or side of their property. If you use these boards, you should be aware of the relevant laws. These are rules about the number and size of boards you can have. Apart from small estate agent boards, there’s also the option of larger billboards. You might consider these if you want to have more of an impact with your advertising. Billboards can be placed in busy town centres or by the sides of roads to get the attention of passing people.

Best Estate Agent Advertising Methods Online

Of course, there are also a number of ways you can advertise your estate agency online. Online methods have grown in popularity and account for a key proportion of revenue for many agencies. You can explore a variety of online tactics, from listing sites to social media. They can also provide their own advantages, although you should consider the disadvantages too. Advertising online is often a great choice if you’re looking to create a low-budget campaign. There are many online methods that are cheap or even free if you know how to use them correctly. However, if you want to make the most of your efforts, it’s worth spending some money.

Examples of Online Advertising

Digital marketing methods can include several different things. You might consider the following:

●     Social media

●     Pay per click (PPC) advertising

●     CPM advertising – cost per mille or paying for every thousand impressions

●     Property listing websites

●     Estate agency websites

Your Estate Agency Website

For many estate agencies, the first online advertising method they will use is setting up their own website. This is a vital thing to do if you want customers in today’s world to be able to find you easily. While they can come to your office, many people would prefer to look you up online first. Your website can show people the properties you currently have available and provide more information about the services you offer. When you set up a website, you need to think about making it optimised for search engines. When you do this, you should have a look at Google’s guidelines. This will help you to stay within their rules, as well as avoid anything that might look like false advertising. SEO can include writing copy, as well as adding tags to pages and images. For an estate agency, it is often particularly important to pay attention to local SEO.

Property Listing Sites

As well as listing properties on your own website, the major property portal websites such as Zoopla and Rightmove are now considered almost essential to find the right buyers. Consequently knowledge sellers are unlikely to want to list their property for sale with an estate agent that is not a least listing their property on either Zoopla or Rightmove.  You can also find real estate on Craigslist or GumTree. However, you might not want to use these websites. Firstly, they are not only for real estate listings and so don’t have the best layouts and filters. Secondly, they are not always viewed as the most respectable sites.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is another advertising method you should consider for your estate agency. You can use it in several different ways to promote your agency. Creating social media accounts for your agency is one step you can take to start advertising. You can use your accounts on Twitter, Facebook and other sites as customer service channels, as well as promotion. If you’re looking for estate agents free advertising, social media can help you promote your agency for nothing. Adding social media functions to your website allows people to share listings they like or perhaps even comment on them.

Then you have social media advertising networks, which you can find on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. For example, advertise your real estate on Facebook with their pay per click network. Make sure that you follow their rules to avoid misleading advertising. You can check their resources for some real tips on how to make the most of the different types of advert they offer. If you choose to advertise with social media, one of the most important aspects is targeting your ads correctly. You can tailor your adverts so that they reach people in the right demographics.

Advertising Networks

As well as social media advertising networks, you can also consider other PPC and CPM advertising. There are different options, but the main one you will come across is Google Adwords. It’s a useful advertising channel, but you need to learn how to use it properly. You need to check for the real rules on using the network to ensure you comply with Google’s requirements. They have regulations on how to use Adwords responsibly without misrepresenting your services. Estate agent false advertising can be a problem online, so you have to take responsibility.

If you’re not careful, your campaign fees could end up being high. However, if you set your advertising budget too low, you might not get any clicks on your ads. Pay close attention to suggested bids to work out the real fees you might have to pay. Of course, the content of your ads is important too. You need to work out the real wording that will get people to click on your adverts. Like with social media networks, targeting your ads correctly is also essential.

Whichever methods of advertising you choose, make sure you follow the rules. Check to see if you need to include a disclaimer on advertising materials. Have a look at local bylaws about displaying signs or handing out flyers. It’s also a good idea to check guidelines provided by the Advertising Standards Agency.

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