Estate Agent Agreement Templates Streamline the Process

12th July 2017 - Uncategorised

Esate Agency Letting templatesHaving the ability to assist people in finding the home or flat of their dreams to let or purchase is a passion that drives most estate agents. After all, it is tremendously rewarding to help buyers, sellers and tenants realise their dreams and goals whilst getting paid for the pleasure. As enjoyable as the profession is, however, there is a tedious part of any estate transaction that agents can make much less burdensome through carefully calculated streamlining. For estate agents, agreement templates meant to cover the legalese required in their profession can help make finalising arrangements with buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants a simple, but highly effective process.

Professionally printed letting agency agreement template documents and other similar tools serve a diversity of purposes, making them extremely valuable to estate agents. When a sole agency agreement template and other standard agreements are put together to assist with closings, the benefits are numerous. They include:

Making Presentations Professional in Every Way

Estate agents are required to execute legal documents at different phases during the buying, selling or letting process. A sole agency agreement template that is professionally designed and printed, for example, sends a strong message of professionalism to clients. Properly designed documents that are well laid out, easy to read and cover all the legal terms of standard agreements simply look better and tend to leave a strong, positive impression.

Expediting the Legal Phases of Estate Transactions

For estate agents, agreement documents that are professionally printed provide a faster, more uniform way to help cover the basic legalities involved in transactions. Instead of having to wait for paperwork to be drawn up on a client-by-client basis, letting agency agreement template documents stand ready to serve when they are needed. All agents and clients need to do is fill out transaction-specific information on the templates to execute agreements. This simply expedites the process for all parties involved whilst ensuring legal language is appropriate and accurate.

Providing a Way to Further Brand an Agency

Estate agents are often keenly aware of the need for constant marketing of themselves, their properties and the agencies they serve. Letting agency agreement templates, sole agency agreements and other similar documents provide another marketing avenue to pursue. These legal documents can play a role in an agency’s overall branding plan. The basic branding that can go into templates, such as the use of strategically placed logos, can leave a lasting impression with clients that may someday pay off with referrals, repeat business and other returns on investment. Incorporating basic branding in all documents and other marketing efforts helps reinforce brand-name recognition.

Creating agreement templates simply helps estate agents perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Ensuring these documents are created to maximise the benefits, however, does require attention to detail. When working with a professional printer to create sole agency agreement templates and other similar designs, it is important to carefully consider such things as:

The legal language used – A letting agency agreement template should be designed to cover legal concerns whilst being generic enough to use for all clients. Professional printers often have sample legal language their clients may use, but it is also imperative to seek legal counsel when drafting the wording for these documents. Agreement templates should use the precise legal language required under contract law while providing proper spaces for any client-by-client customisation that may be required. It is best to have a legal professional either draw up or review the language that will be used for any binding agreements, especially those that will be used in the standard course of doing business.

The layout of the documents – First and foremost, a letting agency agreement template is an important legal instrument. When a professional presentation is also desired, however, the layout of templates will matter, as well. To make it easier for clients to navigate and digest the terms of any agreement, consider layouts that are easy to read, straightforward and make important legal language stand out.

The built-in branding – For estate agents, agreement documents do also present an opportunity to brand. Take advantage of this by ensuring documents have the agency logo or other important branding features, such as particular colours, included in their designs. These simple inclusions can leave a strong brand impression that can pay off down the road.

Estate Agency Agreement Templates

When ordering legal agreements through a professional printer, estate agents will find reputable companies take a step-by-step approach to meeting client requirements. Once desired language and logos are provided, reputable printers will typically take these steps before completing a print run:

Creating a proof for client review – Once a printer has the wording clients desire, logos and any other specifications for the project, the company’s team will typeset the agreement and create a proposed layout for the document. What will result is a draft document, also known as a proof, that will be sent to clients for approval before printing begins.

Making any adjustments based on the proof – Proofs are created not only to ensure clients are pleased with the layout and design of a document before it is printed, but also to provide ample opportunity for any corrections to be made. It is during this phase that clients should check and double check the legal language in addition to making any suggested changes in layout and design. It is imperative that clients make certain the document meets all legal and agency requirements before signing off on a proof.

Finalising the job – If an initial proof requires changes, printers will generally make them and send a follow-up proof for approval before completing a job. Printing will not begin until clients are satisfied with the wording, layout and design of a document.

For estate agent agreement templates that are pre-printed simply streamline the legal portions of their jobs. The effort benefits them and clients alike. Making sure these documents contain sustainable legal language, are easy for clients to read and provide an opportunity for branding are all important. Reputable printers who specialise in estate agent documents work closely with clients to ensure exceptional results.

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