Estate agents leaflet distribution by Royal Mail Door to Door service

14th June 2016 - Leaflet Distribution
Estate agents leaflet distribution by Royal Mail Door to Door service

Effective estate agents leaflet distribution with the Royal Mail needs plenty of advance planning. The number of leaflets a postman can deliver with the post is limited. When the quota is reached that is it, there is no more.  We would recommend booking your leaflet distribution a  good 2 – 3 months before required distribution. For many estate agents is long term planning!

Estate agents leaflet distribution by postcode selection

Chose you area of leaflet distribution by postcode is fine to target general areas but you are not going to get down to the detail of specifying individual roads to include or exclude. You are more likely to get this detail and flexibility with a local distribution company.  Royal Mail you will be asked to sign a binding agreement – ie it will cost you to cancel, or if you do not fulfil it properly even down to the last detail of packing and labelling

Your flyers need to be delivered into the appropriate distribution centre (Swindon, Rochester, Wakefield or Warrington) no later than 2 week prior to the distribution start but no sooner than 3 weeks… That give you a 1 week window to deliver into the distribution depot. If you have planned to phase your flyer distribution over several weeks then several deliveries will need to be made into the distribution centre within the appropriate time window. Remember if the packing and labelling is not ticking all the boxes they won’t accept it no matter how much charm and persuasion you may try to use. In my experience Royal Mail are very inflexible and can at times be most frustrating to deal with. 

Once delivery has been made into the distribution centre then you are almost there.  Just got to wait for the date to come round….  I have known Royal Mail to loose the flyers for one of our estate agent customers. They were good enough to admit to it and, after a claims procedure, did reimburse the estate agent for the cost of the printed flyers.

Accountability for your estate agents leaflet distribution

When it comes to back checking the leaflet distribution you might want to make your own checks.  Don’t expect Royal Mail to be as engaging as you might expect you a good local distribution company to be. They won’t be wanting to talk to you about why or how certain properties may not have received your leaflets. You will have to hope and trust the job has been done properly.

Leaflet distribution summary

For the odd add hock small flyer distribution you might find the bureaucracy of using Royal Mail too much. For regular, larger campaigns it could be worth getting you head around the way they work and their inflexibility. Prestige Creative deliver your leaflets direct into Royal Mail distribution centres and take the worry and hassle from yourselves. Of course there will be additional costs to comply with the the packaging labelling and carriage requirements.

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