Estate Agents Leaflet Distribution

14th May 2016 - Leaflet Distribution
Estate Agents Leaflet Distribution

Reliable estate agents leaflet distribution is a perennial problem for many estate agents. I am never keen to make any specific recommendations. If the distribution does not work out then you can’t blame me!

If your estate agency leaflet marketing is done on an add hock basis then sorting the distribution could be a bit of headache. The estate agents with a more planned approach to their marketing who are regularly leafleting will have regular Estate agents leaflet distribution in place and it wont be such a problem.


Leaflet distributors

In starting your quest to find a reliable distributor you will come across many very different options. No particular one may be better than another. It all depends on what your requirements may be. There are plenty of horror stories from estate agents about how a great leafleting marketing campaign became a costly disaster because of failed distribution.  Chose your estate agents leaflet distribution carefully and monitor progress and results.

The Reliable OAP

With plenty of time on their hands there will be some fit pensioners out there that are keen to stay fit. A regular daily leaflet drop provides just the excuse for a walk and earn some money at the same time. They will want routine ie a regular / continuos estate agents leaflet distribution throughout the year without any great pressures or demanding workloads – perhaps a 1,000 leaflets a week through letterboxes. This is not going be the cornerstone on which to build your marketing strategy or estate agency empire but ideal small independent estate agent looking to maintain their local profile. It will not be suitable for larger campaigns and those with a time sensitive marketing message that will need delivering in large numbers quickly. For the small independent agent it can prove to be a very reliable and cost effective option. Just remember to keep a good supply of estate agent leaflets with a design that is not time sensitive

National Leaflet Distribution Companies

Estate agents leaflet distribution covering a larger network of offices may need a national leaflet distribution company to coordinate and fulfil a wider leaflet marketing campaign. A google search will quickly shortlist the websites of many offering this service. Not so many actually provide a full national distribution service themselves.  The actual estate agents leaflet distribution for many is subcontracted out to smaller local independent companies. This can hinder communication with the front line distribution and accountability.

Royal Mail Door-to-Door leaflet distribution

Royal Mail are one of the few companies that provide a national leaflet distribution service and delivered by the local postman. What could be better! For many estate agents, Royal Mail Door to Door does provide a good solution for their leaflet distribution but is does not tick everyones box. Royal Mail Door to Door costs are around £66 per 1,000 but you will need to get your own quote. Local distributor are likely to be less. Another factor that scores Royal Mail down is their inflexibility. Royal Mail have enjoyed a monopoly position for many year and invariably it is their way or no way! You need to dot the i’s cross the t’s and bite your lip when you deal with them. If that leads to a good leaflet distribution and at a little extra cost then it can be worth it.

There will be more information about working with Royal Mail distribution in a later blog.

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