Why Leaflets are the Best Way to Take Your Estate Agency to the Next Level

9th June 2017 - Uncategorised

When it comes to getting the word about your estate agency out there, and boosting business, there are few techniques quite as proven or as reliable as Leafleting. That isn’t even mentioning how much cheaper Leafleting is than many other other marketing techniques. Leafleting as an estate agency just makes sense.

Dropping leaflets through people’s letter boxes is one of the most targeted and personal ways to reach new customers, and allows you to deliver up to date property sales information as well as advertising your business. Leaflets can help you grow and develop your business, spreading the image you want to spread, and allowing the kind of regular, reliable growth that business owners crave.

All you need to pull off a successful leaflet marketing campaign is a leaflet idea and design, and a top quality, reliable leaflet printing service, both of which can be found together online. With the ease and convenience that sites can offer, Leafleting can prove an extremely cost effective and convenient marketing method, despite its less than modern concept, it can provide a superb return on investment, and really grow your business. Here’s some more of the benefits to leafletting.

 Add the Personal Touch

When compared against other forms of advertising, especially on TV, online or over radio, Leafleting comes across as substantially more personal. No one likes to be shouted at from the TV or radio, by some unseen corporate entity, often pretending to be your friend. Leafleting avoids that, while delivering a ton of key information.

Reach and Appeal to an Older Demographic

While the increasingly dated stereotype of older people that don’t know how to operate a phone or computer isn’t quite as relevant as it might have been even a decade ago, it’s true that as a group, older people don’t spend anywhere near the same time on devices as the rest of us. That means leaflets and practical marketing techniques often prove the best way to reach older people.

Highly Cost-Effective

One of the biggest benefits of Leafleting is that it can prove very cheap. Designing and printing the leaflets can be relatively low cost, and distributing can be done cheaply. When you put that up against other methods of advertising and marketing, which prove very expensive with dubious ROIs. As a business, every responsible owner or manager wants to utilise the cheapest and most effective methods to get their business, where it needs to go.

Leafleting can be Highly Targeted

Unlike a lot of other techniques, like television and radio adverts, or billboards, Leafleting can be much more targeted. You can focus on certain properties and areas, as well as doing campaigns to improves sales and conversion figures in certain areas. Techniques like 20/20 or sold on your road Leafleting take advantage of a recent sale to target local properties that might also be interested in selling by Leafleting twenty properties either side of the sold building.

Up to Date Info

If you’ve ever looked at buying or selling a property online, you’ll see that the marketplace is littered with sold or bought ads, still taking up space, and appearing available. When it comes to your leaflets, on top of advertising your business, you can also provide up to date information about your offers, prices and properties. Getting that information out to people quick can be valuable to a business.

Leaflets are Very Non-Intrusive and Inoffensive

Okay, so everyone’s that person who rabidly hates junk mail. Here’s the good news, those people always end up putting a little sign in the corner of a porch window, so you know you’re not winding those types up. Ninety percent of people enjoy being kept in the loop, and those caught in the mire of property selling, which is rated as one of the most stressful periods in anyone’s life, will always be grateful for any sign that points them in the right direction. Most advertising techniques are, let’s be honest, pretty annoying and distracting. Leaflets don’t have to be.

Use Every Weapon in your Arsenal

The fact is, high street agencies are starting to struggle. The whole high street took a major blow from online competition, and estate agencies are no difference. With more and more online estate agencies making up the competition, the fact is, as a modern estate agent, you need a foot in the real world, and a foot in the virtual world. Leaflets are a great physical marketing technique. Any estate agency worth its salt needs to use every marketing weapon in its arsenal.

When compared against many modern marketing techniques, even more high tech options, Leafleting can prove a very valid contender. A lot of those modern marketing techniques, especially virtual, digital ones, neglect key parts of the potential customer base, namely older, less plugged-in people. For the vast majority of the populace, targeted digital marketing can work passably, but for older people, it totally neglects and ignores them. That’s where Leafleting triumphs.

A lot of modern marketing techniques, which claim targeted systems, are in practice very impersonal and irritating. No one wants to be surrounded by ads that are vaguely relevant to things they were up to a few months ago, and some even view it as an invasion of privacy. Leaflets can be a lot more geographically targeted and are substantially less offensive.

Many of these modern digital and practical marketing and advertising techniques actually have pretty pitiful returns on investment. This is exacerbated by how expensive they can be. It simply makes sense to go with a tried and test method like Leafleting, to boost the sales and growth of your estate agency.

When it comes to boosting your agencies marketing campaign, up to date, focused and targeted leafletting can be a real boon to your business. When it comes to businesses based entirely around the selling of physical properties, why not utilise physical marketing methods?

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