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Canvassing Letters

Estate agents letter templates for easier canvassing

If you’re looking for an easy, low cost way to communicate with homeowners in your area, our professionally written estate agents letter templates offer the perfect opportunity to build brand visibility on a budget.

From boosting your listings to offering your services to vendors with properties already on the market, or to simply keep your company in the forefront of potential customers’ minds, our carefully created estate agent canvassing pack can save you time and hassle. Why waste time trying to write your own letters when we have had them professionally written for you?

Our estate agents letter template pack

This handy estate agents canvassing pack features 15 different letter templates that you can print yourself to address a wide selection of marketing opportunities in your local area.

New Stock – three different letter templates aimed at attracting potential vendors who are thinking of selling now or in the near future. These communications clearly demonstrate that you’re a busy, proactive and successful local estate agent, with the knowledge and enthusiasm required to make a successful sale.

1) Targeted Area Inquiry
This straight forward letter, printed on your letterhead targets a particular area with a compelling call to action. Distribute it through a select few streets each day.

2)  Asking for help
A thoughtfully composed letter that appeals to a possible vendor's spirit of generosity by kindly requesting their help in locating a suitable property for our eager buyer. This approach also demonstrates your reputation as a hardworking agent using every opportunity to sell property.

3) In your road
Showing much more focus into a specific area can appeal to vendors looking for a quick sale at a good price 

Brand Awareness – these marketing letters will help you to build a rapport with local home owners, by keeping them up to date with your pro-active agency. Let them know:
 • When you’re valuing another property in their area... maybe they’ll ask you to carry one out for them too?• When you get a new instruction – perhaps they have friends or family who’ve expressed an interest in moving to the area?• When you agree a sale – there are likely to be other potential buyers that missed out on the property and are disappointed, which in turn could present a good opportunity for someone else looking to sell.

4) Valuing in your street - On of the most popular generic letters to help build a pipeline of new instructions

5) New Instruction - Let neighbours know you have recently listed a local property to spark their curiosity to find out what their property may be worth

6) Sale Agreed -When a sale has been agreed there is likely to be disappointed buyers looking for similar property in the area.

7) Sold - What better way to blow your own trumpet and let the street know you have successfully sold and they can soon expect new neighbours 

Stages of a Sale – while you can’t expect to win all the new instructions in your area, you can stay in direct contact with all local vendors as their sale progresses (or not!) with another agent. With four letters, each focusing on a different stage in the sale process, you can communicate with local sellers in a very targeted way, showing understanding and empathy of their situation. These letter templates cover: just-listed properties, price reductions, slow movers and withdrawn from sale. If a vendor feels that things aren’t going to plan with their current agent, these letters will help ensure that you’re first in line when they turn to an alternative provider to help – so you might win that instruction after all.

8) In touch 1, just listed 

9) In touch 2, followup

10)  touch 3, followup

11) In touch 4, followup

On the Market with Other Agents – in addition to monitoring and responding appropriately to the various stages that properties on sale with other agents are progressing through, we also have four canvassing letters that will help you stay in contact with these highly motivated vendors who may well decide to pick up the phone to see what you could do differently to help find a buyer.

12) Listing with another agent -You may have missed out on this listing but If this property does not find a buyer soon it could be yours to sell. Not a time to be to pushy but to make a gentle introduction paving the way for future contact

13) Price Reduction - It likely the vendor will not be too pleased about feeling they have to reduce their asking price and my be inclined to listen to other advice

14) Slow Moving - By now the property has been on the market for longer than the current listing agent had probably advised, out of contract and willing to consider a new approach

15) Withdrawn - The vendors circumstances may have changed or the listing agent has just failed. Every property has something special to offer, its time to offer you services and list this property before another agent does!

If you’d like to save money and boost your marketing activities the easy way, just contact us here and we’ll arrange to send you the full digital pack of 15x estate agent letter templates so you can start reaping the rewards immediately.