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Bespoke Illustrated Maps

Our team of skilled graphic designers offers a unique service to estate agents: the creation of bespoke, Illustrated, stylised maps. These maps are not only a visual representation of the areas you operate in and the properties you have listed for sale but also a significant enhancement to your marketing strategy. There are many benefits and uses of these custom maps.


  • Unique Selling Point: Highlighting your network of offices on a map can show as a major advantage over competitors with single locations, showcasing the extensive coverage and local expertise your estate agency offers.
  • Versatile Use: Once designed, these personalised maps are free of copyright restrictions, allowing unlimited use across various marketing platforms including folders, brochures, leaflets, and your website.
  • High-Quality Presentation: Created as scalable vector graphics, these stylised maps maintain pristine quality at any size. Whether displayed on a business card or as a wall-sized feature in your office, the detail remains sharp and clear.
  • Brand Alignment: Customisable in layers, the maps can be adapted to feature your estate agency’s branding, colours, and style, ensuring consistency across all marketing materials.
  • Future-Proof Design: As your business grows and evolves, so too can your map. The built-in flexibility allows for easy updates and edits, reflecting new listings or office locations without the need for a complete redesign.


  • Office Decor: Transform your office space with a large-scale, branded map that impressively fills a wall, serving as both an informative piece and a conversation starter with clients.
  • Local Authority: Position your estate agency as the go-to expert for local area knowledge, with maps that detail not just properties but local landmarks, schools, and transport links, adding value to your service.
  • Digital Marketing: Enhance your online presence by incorporating these maps into your website and social media platforms, improving user engagement and SEO through visually appealing, informative content.
  • Direct Mail Campaigns: Include miniaturised versions of your maps in direct mail campaigns, providing potential clients with a tangible insight into the areas you cover and the properties you have on offer.
  • Client Presentations: Use the maps during client presentations to visually communicate the scope of your network and listings, making complex information easily understandable and engaging.

These bespoke maps are not just a tool but an investment in your estate agency’s brand identity and marketing capabilities, offering a distinctive edge in a competitive market.

Call 01234 333820 or email enquiries@prestigeprint.biz to discuss how we can help you create your own bespoke illustrated map.