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Leaflet Distribution

We have supplied leaflets to estate agents for many years and our view on leaflet distribution is that the best solution is a reliable local leaflet distribution company you trust as they are likely to be more flexible and accountable, but finding that one that ticks the boxes is not always easy. 

If you are distributing leaflets consistently every month like many successful estate agents your regular business will be valued and you may be able to secure some exclusivity as to the only local estate agent they will distribute leaflets for in your area.

Distribution Costs

Leaflet distribution costs can vary enormously, you can get quotes from less than £30 per 1,000 to over £100 per 1,000. Royal Mail Door to Door are around £70 / 1,000. The variation can be caused by the area for leaflet distribution. High density housing in a city could mean letterboxes very close together with minimal walking between, here the cost per 1,000 will likely be less than a affluent area further from the city with detached house, long drives with gates and dogs to negotiate. The type of leaflet distribution service you choose will also effect price, usually you have a choice of Solus or Shared leaflet distribution. With Solus yours is the only leaflet that goes through the letterbox, shared is a cheaper option as you leaflet with be with a bunch of others

Royal Mail Door to Door leaflet service

For those without a good local leaflet distributor then there is the Royal Mail Door to Door leaflet delivery service which covers the whole country.. As a huge organisation that has enjoyed a monopoly position for many years our experience and feedback from other agents booking campaigns with them is that they are not the most helpful organization to buy services from!… However they have introduced a super handy online tool that allows you to plan and book your campaigns directly without having to deal with a human! Even if you are not booking  distribution with them you may find the tool handy to get a breakdown of household data by postcode . 

Click here for the Royal Mail Door to Door Tool

Working with Royal Mail 

Royal Mail are not flexible, they very much like to dot the i's and cross the t’s . You have to plan in advance, we suggest at least a month before you want he distribution to start because the printed leaflets need to be with them 2 weeks before distribution starts.


Special packing requirements 

Royal Mail have specific packing requirements, the leaflets need to be in boxes less than 10kg which is smaller then what we would normally pack to and all boxes require labels. 

It costs us more in packing materials and time to do this so while we are please to pack label and deliver your leaflets into Royal Mail there is an additional charge of £30 / 10,000 leaflets to do so.