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Draw attention to your brand with engaging, expressive and inspiring custom illustrations.

Using illustrations in your marketing is a great way to stand out and make an impact. Illustrations can capture attention, enhance your brand, provide a unique style, and communicate effectively, setting your estate agency apart in the competitive UK property market. In an ever increasingly digital world, illustration gives businesses a personal touch. Handmade techniques may have been replaced with digital medias, but the sentiment is still much the same.

A softer and more approachable brand

It’s increasingly more difficult to be noticed among your competitors online and in print. Custom illustrations are a great way to make your company’s presence memorable, whether it’s a website, billboard, company brochure, leaflet campaign or on your socials. Using illustrations in your print marketing or online applications can be engaging, expressive and inspiring for audiences. Their light-hearted nature – addressing the audience at a visceral, emotional level – will more than likely entice your audience to keep them browsing your website or brochure by providing information, incite emotion, or even change someone’s perception about your company and brand.
Over the past few years, there has been an explosion in illustration usage, both digitally and in print and illustration does a fantastic job at softening a brand giving companies a much more approachable and friendly image. It’s an undeniable fact that images are more compelling than text alone, more visually pleasing and people process and remember visual content better than words alone. Illustrations can persuade, inform and influence your audience while enhancing your brand messaging and helping your business express emotion, more effectively than text alone.

Build authentic connection and increase engagement

The average attention span for humans these days is apparantly eight seconds – one less than the notoriously ill-focused goldfish! This means ideas need to be concise and easily communicated in all marketing, or potential customers will be lost. Illustrations have the distinctive capability of taking complex ideas and making them concise, fun, informative and clear for the target audience to easily understand.
Illustrations are great for storytelling, as you have complete control over the characters and how they move. You can also tailor the style and narrative to appeal and relate to a specific target audience. It will also provide a competitive edge, as you are creating a fun and customised brand that your audience can connect with.

More engaging than stock imagery

We’ve gotten so used to stock photography on websites that in many cases it just doesn’t speak to us as emotionally, as an individual illustration does. Stock images are overused and usually easy to spot, often limiting you to what you can say about your brand and may also be used by other businesses. By substituting custom illustrations in marketing, your brand will gain variety and garner additional attention.
Overall, illustration is infinitely scaleleable, compared with photography and allows you to control each detail of the design, to represent exactly what you need it to. You can also reflect your brand colours, target audience and values in these drawings.

Worthwhile investment

Illustration in marketing can run the gambit from business cards to leaflets to large scale print banners, online applications and so much more. A cohesive kit of all the illustrations can be used for all your marketing materials. Create synergy by using these illustrations to represent your brand across your website, newsletters, catalogues, billboard advertsing and the interior walls of your offices and such, thereby making the overall process a very worthwhile investment.

Custom illustrations can be used in a variety of ways

  • Custom house portraits for new homeowners: Offering personalised illustrations, such as bespoke house portraits for new homeowners, to enhance and maximise client satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Stylised Street Scenes: Our artists create captivating hand-drawn outlines of street scenes, complete with estate agents’ sale boards, to give a welcoming glimpse into the communities you represent.
  • Greeting Cards: Celebrate milestones with your clients through custom-designed greeting cards, including ‘Welcome to your new home’ and ‘Anniversary cards’, featuring quirky illustrations and your brand’s colour scheme.
  • Data Visualisation: We can transform Rightmove postcode sales data into engaging graphs and 3D pie charts, making market shares and trends easy to understand and visually appealing.
  • Personalised Property Illustrations: Elevate ordinary photographs with stylised, hand-drawn images of buildings or street scenes, customised to reflect your brand’s personality and appeal.
  • Stylised Maps: Guide your clients through their new neighbourhoods with beautifully designed, easy-to-read maps, highlighting key locations and amenities.

Numerous marketing uses

  • Selling and Lettings Guides: Create stylised maps and scenes of local areas to showcase the community and amenities surrounding your properties.
  • Social Media Content: Use illustrations to stand out on social media platforms, making your posts more engaging and shareable.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns: Incorporate illustrations into newsletters and email campaigns to grab attention and convey messages more effectively.
  • Branding and Identity: Use custom illustrations to develop a distinctive brand identity that sets you apart from competitors.
  • Advertising: Whether online or in print, illustrations can make your adverts more eye-catching and memorable.
  • Client Gifts and Stationery: Offer personalised greeting cards, calendars, or notebooks with bespoke illustrations as a thoughtful touch in client interactions.
  • Leaflets: Enhance the impact of promotional leaflets with eye-catching illustrations, making information about properties and services more engaging and visually appealing.

Call 01234 333820 or email enquiries@prestigeprint.biz to discuss how we can help you create your own bespoke hand-drawn illustrations.